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Moriah Garcia

Moriah Garcia

Personal and Group Trainer
  • PTA Global Certification
  • Behavioral Based Program Designs
  • Motivation and Movement Program Designs
  • Exercise and Stress Management
  • Group Training
  • Client Retention.

For me, fitness started out as a hobby, that turned into a passion, that resulted into a lifestyle that changed my life. Growing up, I was very active in sports and enjoyed spending my free time working hard in practice or playing games. However, I did not understand much of why staying active was so important. Years later I revisited this hobby and started learning about the difference of strength training, cardio, and recovery and the different exercises that benefit various muscle groups. It was at that moment where it all made sense – I saw and felt the value of exercise. I needed my time in the gym to destress, to vent, to let go of my everyday worries, and invest the time to focus on bettering myself. Shortly after, I was approached about using these skills to teach others and get certified as a personal trainer. When I said yes, I was unaware of how that one decision would change my life. I took that same passion and started teaching others about the same practices that benefited and blessed my everyday life. Now, I have been working as a personal trainer for three years now and have devoted my career in aiding people in accomplishing their fitness goals. I specialize in weight loss and strength training, specifically for women. I have been blessed in aiding many in accomplishing their fitness goals and look forward to helping others do the same. I promise you this journey is worth it!