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Strength and Conditioning Training

This is the entry-level into our program. These classes are designed for students to learn, improve, and have fun. The primary objective is to begin the development of basic fundamental skills needed for success at competitive

Strength & Conditioning Training geared toward youth and high schoolers from the age of 5-18.

This includes skills training for each sport to demonstrate how to effectively incorporate agility, plyometrics, strength training, and speed to enhance overall performance. No matter your sport, you will gain an edge on the competition with help of our program. In addition, our safe and effective programs address weight loss/gain, nutrition, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and other areas related to Sports Performance. Each member will be given a free lifestyle assessment to discuss training goals and develop a plan for reaching those goals.

Note: The kids that are truly serious about wrestling are the ones that attend 9 or more months a year. These kids are the ones that will demonstrate a great amount of success each year.

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