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Personal Training

Personal Training is geared toward helping clients understand that living a healthy and energetic life is a day-to-day process. This training is one-on-one and is for every individual and all body types.

All clients will receive a Dietary Evaluation, Customized Nutritional Meal Plan, and a Customized Workout Training Regime in order to reach their fitness goals.

A body composition test shall be administered to track the clients’ progress the first week of each month. It requires eating the proper foods in exact proportions on a specific schedule.

A nutritional guide that is custom-tailored to your individual needs and schedule will be developed to incorporate foods you already enjoy eating. Alternate food choices will also be provided to give your diet enough variety to keep you motivated. Your nutritional plan will be updated based on your regular re-assessments and is detailed to include the caloric intake and macronutrient breakdowns so our clients better understand their personalized program.

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